This is a comprehensive list of values and behaviours that clients have used in the past to attract people to fit their specific culture. We trust this list makes it easy for you to describe the culture and behaviour your new team members will need to adopt.

Feel free to copy these, write your own or compile a combination of the two:

Team Member Values

Accountability – you take pride in delivering exactly what you promise.

Accuracy – You know if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right. “It’ll do” just isn’t good enough for you. You are highly motivated to get things right the first time.

Adaptability – You’re able to adjust to unfamiliar situations and easily adapt the way you work to suit different conditions. This is key to maintaining the company’s world leader status. As individuals, our team members never stop learning and growing. Your enquiring mind and love of problem-solving means that we are collectively able to embrace change with optimism, seeing challenges as opportunities.

Attention to detail – You have a keen eye for detail, getting every little thing right. You have a can-do attitude.

Brave – You’re fearlessly forward-thinking and happy to disrupt the accepted way by challenging others respectfully.

Clarity – You work with transparent communication and processes.

Client Focused – You put yourself in the client’s shoes, taking the time to listen and understand their needs.

Commitment – you believe in giving all of yourself to every cause in which you’re involved.

Communication – You are comfortable holding conversations that are outside of your area of expertise by listening and asking intelligent questions.

Competitive – You thrive on your desire to be the best you can be.

Compliance – You understand that our business is centred on ensuring we and our clients operate in a fully compliant manner.

Creativity – You enjoy working out how to overcome challenges other people just accept as “the way it is”, often taking inspiration from solutions that have been created in other industries.

Customer Service Focused – You take pride in delighting your customers – this is never an optional extra for you.

Curious – You’re intrepid by nature, explorative at heart, and enjoy surprising people by going beyond the expected norm.

Diplomacy – When working with challenging customers you listen to their concerns and work to find a compromise that suits everybody.

Driven & self-motivated – You want to achieve the best results possible to move forward in your work life.

Dynamic – Constantly learning and evolving, you make sure to create the impact you want.

Effectiveness – You’re highly focused on doing the right things and doing them well. You work hard to make things run smoothly, achieving the best results with the resources you have.

Efficiency – Your aim is to achieve maximum results every time, avoiding needing to go back and correct things.

Embracing Change – You’re able to adjust to unfamiliar situations and the way you work readily adapts to suit different conditions.

Energetic and Fun – You are naturally charismatic and buzzing with energy, picking other team members up when they are down.

Enthusiastic –Working in sales, you recognise that there are times when prospects are busy and maybe aren’t initially interested in what you have to offer. it’s your commitment and enthusiasm that breaks down barriers, getting people interested enough to listen.

Entrepreneurial – You’re commercially orientated, passionate about delivering results and used to inspiring others to seek opportunities.

Equality – You understand that a well-balanced team is made up of very different people and everybody brings their own unique strengths and ideas to the table.

Excellence – You are committed to making yourself and your work the best it can be.

Experience – You help generate a great experience for everyone who works with us, be that clients, candidates or colleagues.

Forward-thinking – Extremely proactive, you strive to identify and prevent a problem before it becomes an issue.

Fun – Whilst you’re focused on delivering results, you also remember to enjoy yourself, your motto being that ‘you only get one life’.

Growth – The key to growing our business is working hard and collaborating as a team and as individuals. You buy into this, helping the company to flourish. You push yourself and others to be the best that they can be. Whatever situation you’re thrown into, you seek to identify the best outcome for everyone. You are excited to learn about new things and take the actions required to constantly develop and improve as a person.

Health & Safety Conscious –You pay attention to health and safety whilst operating in the company’s working environment.

Honest – You are confident enough to admit when you don’t know something and are open about the standard of your performance. You are true to yourself, your team and your customers. Comfortable giving candid feedback to your team, you recognise that being firm, fair, and consistent is the best way to lead. You aren’t afraid to say when you don’t know understand something because with time and effort you will find the right answer.

Humility – Whilst you’re confident in yourself and believe you are an asset, you recognise that you’re just one part of the team, and acknowledge the strengths and knowledge everyone else has to offer.

Impact – Each day you take the action that moves you closer to realising the company’s vision. You are focused on producing quality work, delivering real improvements, and crucially, having a meaningful impact on the service user.

Independence – You are happy with your own company and working autonomously.

In it together –You’re a true team player and enjoy working with others, recognising that great teams are made up of people whose strengths cover other’s weaknesses.

Innovation – Constantly having an eye on tomorrow, you’re passionate about finding solutions to problems and challenging inefficiencies others ignore.

Individuality – You know that everyone has something to offer even when they are different.

Integrity – You look out for your teammates and support an environment that encourages everyone to try new things.

Leadership – You understand this isn’t a position but a mindset. You believe that leading is all about establishing clarity of purpose, inspiring and motivating through shared goals and demonstrating a continuous commitment to developing and enabling others. You believe that productive people see the meaning behind their work and you go to great lengths to demonstrate how this contributes to the wider business goals.

Learning – You are excited by acquiring new information, and take the actions needed to keep developing as a person.

Making a difference – You don’t purely see work as a way of making money – you are dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Mutual respect – You need to be with people who value your views and judgements just as you will value theirs.

On top of your game –You have very high standards: you’re a specialist in your field, and intelligent, not intellectual. You’re all about practical outcomes – not theory

Openness – You believe that great communication is all about people being open and transparent when dealing with others.

Ownership – You take the necessary actions needed to deliver what you have promised you will do.

Patience – You understand that getting frustrated or annoyed doesn’t solve anything, and that almost anything can be accomplished with enough time.

Passionate & Determined – You care about everything you do and see each task through to completion.

Perseverance – You overcome all the obstacles in your way to deliver a successful result.

Positive mindset – You choose to see the positive in situations and enjoy being around happy people. You look beyond problems to see the possibilities, seeking the positive in every situation and not dwelling on the negatives. You have a can-do attitude towards work which positively influences the rest of the team.

Proactive – You don’t just wait for things to occur – you take the action needed to make them happen. You strive to prevent a problem before it becomes an issue and understand the benefits of setting up teams for success and implementing robust foundations.

Problem Solving – You have the confidence and drive to suggest possible solutions to problems, even those you haven’t dealt with before.

Punctuality – You know that wasting people’s time is a sure way to ruin the relationship and make the effort to arrive ahead of time for your committed appointments.

Radiate – We are radiators not drains! We choose positivity, enthusiasm and humour and need you to do the same.

Reliable – You take great pride in being someone who can be relied on to do what you say you will do.

Resilience – You are comfortable dealing with challenges, and are focused on achieving your goals even when things get tough.

Resourceful – You use the tools and methods at your disposal, along with your ideas, personality, and energy to develop innovative and creative solutions.

Respect – This guides the company’s daily interactions. You recognise that our diversity is a strength and help create environments where every team member is supported in using their unique perspective and abilities to add value to their work.

Results orientated – You thrive on hitting targets but don’t do this at everyone else’s expense, being focused on delivering results that are best for the team.

‘Right first time’ – We always strive to get it right for our customers the first time and so should you.

Simplicity – You have the knowledge and confidence to explain things so that everyone understands.

Support – You are open and honest with colleagues and clients, and genuinely care about your work.

Team player – You enjoy working with others, recognising that great teams are made up of people whose strengths cover each other’s weaknesses. You help others when they require support and are willing to work on things that aren’t specifically “your job”. You know that teams win and lose together and that everyone must play their part. You take pride in being approachable, supportive, and a clear communicator.

Trust – You love the fact that people can rely on you to do what you say you will and you expect the same from your teammates.

Visible – You understand that a key part of leadership is being out amongst your team and hands-on, not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

Work ethic – You relish putting in the work to get the results, and you feel satisfied knowing you did your best each day.