Many organisations design their working environments to support the culture they want to foster. Here are 3 descriptions clients have used to convey the way the working environment supports their team culture, we hope these make it easier for you to do the same. 


Example 1 

The environment is designed to encourage your creativity, whether it is at the office bar, where you will often find people chatting about an exciting new project, or in the kitchen area, having a cuppa or a snack from our stocked fridge.

We can be huddled around someone’s laptop working on a challenge or having an impromptu after-work drink. The idea is we are all part of a big team, where we encourage everyone to collaborate on the latest challenge or idea.

Example 2 

The combination of open-plan spaces mixed with quiet working booths supports our working culture of collaboration and also provides places to slip away and focus on the detailed work, providing the best of both worlds. 

Example 3 

Our open spaces support us to be a team that pulls together to solve problems and keeps delivering a better service for our clients and tenants. We talk through potential solutions to challenges as a team and then go off and put these solutions in place.