Do people like you, work with us?

Here is a small sample of who we work with, we are happy to introduce you to our clients so you can speak to them about the results we have delivered for them. 

The People We Work With Most Often

Non-Selling Owner Directors 

Directors that built their business on great service and need performing salespeople to realise their businesses potential.

Selling Owner Directors

Directors that have brought in the sales to get their business to this stage and now need performing salespeople to get it to the next level.

Sales Leaders

Sales leaders in larger organisations that need to add more performing salespeople to hit their numbers.

The Roles We Frequently Recruit

These are the roles that we recruit most frequently for our clients.

Sales Representatives are responsible for generating leads, qualifying potential customers, and closing deals.

Sales Development Representatives, or SDR, is an inside sales representative who focuses on identifying, prospecting, and qualifying potential customers. They are responsible for generating leads for the sales team and moving them through the sales pipeline. 

Account Executives are responsible for managing and growing relationships with key customers. They may also be responsible for identifying new sales opportunities and developing sales strategies. 

Business Development Managers are responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities. They may work in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and finance. 

Sales Managers are responsible for overseeing a team of sales professionals. They are responsible for setting sales goals, developing sales strategies, and coaching and training their team members. 

Regional Sales Managers are responsible for overseeing sales activities in a specific geographic region. They may work with a team of sales representatives, account executives, and business development managers. 

National Sales Managers are responsible for overseeing sales activities in an entire country. They may work with a team of regional sales managers and sales directors. 

Directors of Sales are responsible for overseeing all sales activities for a company.