As Clear As Mud

As clear as mud

72% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions, while only 36% of candidates say the same (Allegis Group's 2016 report).As is so often the case in many areas of life, it comes down to perspective. The above suggests that depending on your perspective you can interpret the same job descriptions in very different ways. Remember, people don't know what they don't know.

Are the people in your organisation writing your job descriptions for others to clearly understand what it is like to work in your team, you know so they actually apply?

Or, are people copy and pasting a user manual and getting another job off their to do list?

An hour spent reading any of the UKs jobs boards would suggest it is most often the latter. With business forums often ranking a businesses biggest challenge effecting growth as attracting the right talent, not investing the time in writing compelling job adverts could be costing you your businesses future.

Wavelength is so effective partly because we make sure all the roles, we advertise are simple and clear. Communicating what it’s like to work in that specific team so the ideal candidates can picture themselves working there. They are written in the right form so that instead of reading “the ideal candidate will” they often read “If the following sounds like we are describing you then you will thrive here”. It's why our jobs perform 5X better on jobs boards than the "Gold Standard".

So, the next time your organisation needs to do a job description remember, is it written clearly for the ideal candidate?


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