Describing The Atmosphere

Describing The Atmosphere

Describing the Atmosphere

Working with humans you've never met can be scary and it's one of the biggest reasons people who would be a brilliant fit either never apply or don't turn up to interviews. Together we can break this barrier down and share what it's really like to work there.

For a bit of inspiration this is how our some of our other partners have described their atmosphere.

Example 1

We have a fun and friendly office environment, where working together is at the heart of everything we do.

Example 2

At times, our environment is really fast-paced and full of energy particularly during the back to school period (our Christmas!). Other times it's very relaxed and chilled out. However, it's always fun and people treat each other with respect and honesty. We're big on creating an environment where people feel free to question; have their own voice (and not be afraid to use it) and to create a culture where you want to come to work, not because you have to but because you want to. We're inclusive, collaborative and encourage people to develop themselves and grow.

Example 3

We are all ambitious individuals that constantly challenge ourselves to improve. We invest in our skills so we can add value, whatever our role, enabling to support each other and our clients alike. It also results in us using smart tools, technology and processes to drive performance at pace. Whether directly or indirectly every member of our team has a role to play in delivering value to our customers. It’s important we embrace the unique personalities of our colleagues and our clients, and we lead by example. We don’t hide mistakes or point the finger of blame, ever.

Example 4

We don't just accept the status quo, we focus on giving our clients a great experience and offering them something different. We believe we can enjoy our work and be successful at the same time, and are passionate about learning, sharing information and knowledge together as a team.

Example 5

We're a small, efficient, friendly and incredibly dedicated team that take pride in the work we do that helps our clients succeed and grow. They're blown away by what we can help them achieve and we want you to be part of their successful journey too.

We've got nice tidy clean offices and good working conditions. We work hard but we also know how to have fun... everyone always comments on what a nice friendly atmosphere it is.... oh, and on those occasional days when things do get a bit stressed.... there's always chocolate to be found in the fridge!

Top Tip: If all else fails just confirm you're a bunch of loveable weirdos

Lots of love

The Wavers


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