Marketing Recruitment: Get Marketing People That Deliver Results

You are here because you want to increase revenue and scale your organisation, and you recognise you are going to need performing marketing professionals to get you 1st in the mind of your customers.

The challenge is that it is difficult to recruit performing marketing professionals who hit their targets and deliver the tangible results you need.

Great marketing recruitment is about people performing, not just finding them. 

We know the ideal profiles for getting the performing marketing people you need in your organisation. We deliver the complete market recruitment solution from start to finish – We create your job advert, source the candidates, screen and shortlist them, arrange the interviews and support with the right interview questions. All you need to do is attend the interviews!

Our recruitment service is affordable, cash-flow friendly and very effective.

Together we will get the performing marketing people you need, so you can get the business outcomes you want.

Marketing Job Descriptions We Regularly Recruit

Here are some of the job titles we frequently recruit performing people for.

Marketing Coordinator: Marketing coordinators are responsible for supporting marketing managers in the development and execution of marketing plans. They may also be responsible for managing marketing projects and events.

Marketing Manager: Marketing managers are responsible for developing and executing marketing plans to achieve a company’s goals. They may also be responsible for managing a team of marketing professionals.

Marketing Specialist: Marketing specialists are responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns for specific products or services. They may also be responsible for managing marketing budgets and tracking campaign results.

Content Marketing Manager: Content marketing managers are responsible for creating and publishing content that attracts and engages a company’s target audience. They may also be responsible for developing a content marketing strategy and managing a team of content creators. 

Marketing Director: Marketing Directors to develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns to promote a company’s products or services. They are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the marketing process, from market research and competitive analysis to campaign development and execution.

Your Outcome

Ask yourself these 3 questions;

1) What is the business outcome you are looking to achieve?

2)Do you need performing people to achieve it?

3) Do you currently have enough performing people? 

Your Challenge

Whilst most businesses have outcomes in mind, traditional recruitment methods don’t help you to achieve them. Frustratingly they drain your time, money and focus, without delivering the performing people you need.

Your Opportunity

Imagine your recruitment partner working in exactly the same way as you…the same values, same sense of purpose, delivering performing people to achieve your outcomes.

Your Solution
Defining performing people

Transformational Stories

“Great work guys, the sky is the limit for us if you can keep this up.”
Gary White
Director, Aspen Waite

“They got us excited about recruiting the right people for our team again.”
Javed Bhatti
Managing Director, BT Local Business Herts & Essex

“Wavelength’s business model is a refreshing approach to recruitment that allows us to convey our business personality to attract likeminded candidates.”
Shirley Hoy
Associate Director, Insight Associates

“They have consistently found our clients the right candidates where traditional methods (jobs board & traditional agencies) have failed”
Debbie Johnston
HR Director, Sagegreen HR

“We found 2 great people that fit our team perfectly”
Kris Parkes
Sales Director, Virso Communications

“We found the right person in under 3 weeks”
Martin Clack
Managing Director, London SW Communications

“As a recent candidate, my experience dealing with Your Wavelength was first class”
Luke Davis
Brand & Marketing Director, Papirfly

“Working with Your Wavelength was easy, and their efforts found me the perfect member of staff”
Stephen Pitcher
Associate Partner, Global Wealth Management Company

“I got 5 good people in just 2 weeks! Employed 1 person and the rest are negotiating self-employed contracts as it’s a sales role”
Gary Das
Managing Director, Active Mortgage

“The way they focus on actually getting the right people into the team is unprecedented”
Richard Wynn
Fin Tech Expert

Get the performing people you need