Simplify Your Recruitment

Simplify Your Recruitment

Recruitment can be a very noisy and often misleading world. Like many things in life, keeping it simple and focusing on the areas of most importance will give you the best result for getting the right people onto your team.To build effective teams of people spend the time you have concentrating on 3 key areas:

  1. Are they motivated by your company mission/vision and the role they will play in delivering this mission?
  2. Does their world view and behaviour fit in with the team's attitude, values & culture?
  3. Can they actually do the role as you need it done in your organisation – don’t just rely on what their previous job titles have been, it’s about assessing the fit for your team not someone else’s

If you get someone who meets all 3 of these criteria you will very likely have a very effective person joining your team.


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